what is a chromebook used for

Should You Get a Chromebook or a Laptop computer?

 What is a chromebook used for? Are you keen to know? Keep reading this article. 

Unless you need to run a specific program that’s just readily available on Windows (or Mac), we would certainly suggest a Chromebook is the very best purchase.

With their less costly rates and also straightforward technique, Chromebooks are ending up being a smarter selection than “routine” laptop computers

Your email account? Synced through the cloud. Your records? Backed as much as Google Drive or Dropbox. Your songs as well as video clips? Streamed, not downloaded, and install.

Chromebooks are ideal for this “always-online” method, and also they’re a lot more affordable than Mac or Windows options.

so now you got some basic info of what is a chromebook used for, so keep reading.

what is a chromebook used for

Obtain a Chromebook if you mostly wish to surf the internet, email and also stream video clip

Obtain a Windows laptop computer if you require to run specialized programs and also deal with various other Windows software.

Obtain a MacBook if you wish to an effective, easy to use a laptop computer with advanced performance and display

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Should I purchase a Chromebook?

If you know nothing about this relatively brand-new type of laptops as well as have been questioning what makes it different from conventional laptops, you’re not alone. Several have asked the very same concern, which is why we’re here to clear points up a bit for you.

So, what specifically is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are made to run a light-weight os that’s planned to assist you with some performance jobs, yet mainly manage light computer ones like surfing the Web, streaming video clips as well as playing mobile video games.

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Are Chromebooks superior enough as a laptop substitute for you?

Inevitably, everything depends upon your computer requirements. If your common computer requires detailed software application, then the  Chromebooks most likely will not suffice.

Nonetheless, if you’re everyday computer demands include searching the Web, dealing with files online, streaming video clips, and playing mobile video games. The Chromebook is an excellent– and also, really economical– laptop option.

what are chromebook used for

The operating system of a Chromebook

A Chromebook runs Google’s Chrome OS, which is generally its Chrome internet browser spruced up a little bit to resemble the Windows desktop computer. A search switch comparable to the Windows Beginning switch beings in a taskbar in the lower-left edge together with faster ways to Gmail, Google Docs, and also YouTube.

can chromebook be used for gaming

You can see A status bar beings in the lower-right edge that supplies fast accessibility to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, quantity, and also setups. In a completely stripped-down setups panel, you can select a wallpaper and also style, and also, you can fine-tune the setups for the touchpad, keyboard, and also display screen.

It’s exceptionally light-weight, it’s very easy maintenance. It simply functions with no initiative required, updates itself instantly.

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Chromebook the way it runs apps

Chrome OS makes use of just internet applications and also will not allow you to download and install applications. This suggests no Photoshop, Skype, iTunes, or any other non-Chrome applications you could utilize.

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Chrome’s indigenous Google Docs, as well as Sheets, can manage Word and also Excel data. Not all Chromebooks have touchscreens, so you might require to obtain utilized to regulating Android activity with a keyboard and also touchpad instead of touching as well as swiping on display.

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The proven fact can chromebook be used for gaming or not 


  • Chromebooks (as well as various other Chrome OS gadgets) are economical compared to standard laptop computers/ computer systems.
  • Chrome OS is rapid and steady.
  • Equipment is normally light, portable as well as simple to transportation.
  • Viruses and also malware position much less of a threat to Chromebooks than various other sorts of a computer system.
  • The systems are very affordable
  • Information storage space, as well as software/security upgrades, are completely automated
  • They (by default) instantly upgrade to one of the most steady variations of ChromeOS
  • They often tend to have the terrific battery life
  • They boot quick (truly truly quick)
  • Tailor-made product for meeting and remote conference.


  • They restricted the Storage space. Normally, Chromebooks have regarding 32GB of overall storage space.
  • Not Advised for advanced Video gaming. Chromebooks could not be the very best choice for you if you are seeking a computer that you can play video games on.
  • No Microsoft Workplace.
  • Video clip Modifying.

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Always remember:

  1. Get a Chromebook if you mostly want to browse the Web, email and video stream.
  2. Get a Windows laptop if you need to run devoted programs and  works on software.
  3. Get a MacBook if you desire  a powerful, user-friendly laptop with a first-class screen.

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