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canon eos 80d review

canon eos 80d review

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For family functions & picnic, everyone prefers a better quality camera, so canon EOS 80D DSLR allows for superb autofocus, with 100% viewfinder coverage.

In your garden or some lonely place, if you want to catch good quality photos or videos, then this is the best camera as it includes dual pixel CMOS helps you shoot video with smooth.

Some people collect lots of photos because the collection of photos is there hobby, so this camera is an impressive 45 points all cross-type AF system. They are made by cannon, a Japanese multinational corporation specialized in the manufacturing of cameras.

Camera weight is 3.95 pounds, so you can quickly shoot all your family occasions videos & video capture resolution is FHD 1080P.

Even you can gift this camera to your friends or for the needed fellow as this camera includes excellent wireless communication technology WIFI. So canon always makes such kind of incredible products, in 1971 canon introduced a high-end SLR camera.

You can make money by selling HD quality photos online as this digital EOS 80D DSLR allow for superb autofocus with dual pixel CMOS. Canon founded 1937 in Japan & now serving in the whole world.

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canon eos 80d review

Dual Pixel CMOS helps you to shoot video with smooth and quality so you can enjoy a memorable moment with your fiancée after  & before marriage.

The EOS5 the first-ever camera with eye-controlled AF, An impressive 45 points all cross-type AF system so a user-friendly camera and very easy for operation.

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Question and Answer

Q: Does Canon 80d shoot 4k?

A: No 4K, 80D doesn’t provide 4K video, but the 80D gives an enhanced version of the 70D’s outstanding dual-pixel AF system.

Q: Is Canon 80d waterproof?

A: The EOS 80D is weather-sealed and enclosed but not waterproof.

Q: Is Canon 80d good for beginners?

A: Canon’s EOS 80D is a good choice for beginners, provided that you already have got enough Canon lenses that you don’t want to switch to a different brand.

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  • 2 Megapixel (APS-C) CMOS sensor helps to offer impressive, high-resolution results.
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF; Expanded ISO 25600, Up to 7 fps Shooting; Built-In Wi-Fi with NFC.
  • Fast and perfect autofocus and stills with instant and precise autofocus.
  • Enhanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF helps you shoot video with smooth.
  • Screen Size 3.0 inches.
  • Camera Weight:3.95 pounds.
  • Wireless Communication Technology Wi-Fi.
  • Video Capture Resolution: FHD 1080p.
  • Focus Type: automatic
  • Full HD 60p high-quality movies that can be saved as MP4 format for easy sharing.


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Canon SLR Digital Camera charming Photography To A Higher Level

As a digital photography fanatic or also a beginner, you possibly have been looking around stores for an excellent video camera. To offer you a tip, the aspects of a particular cam system (flash systems, lenses, etc.) are extra crucial to take into consideration than the design itself. Canon SLR Digital Camera surface areas complete satisfaction for every component.

canon eos 80d camera

The short form SLR means single-lens reflex, and From the term, it merely indicates that the electronic camera has one lens that is made use of for picture-taking as well as sight searching for. As you look via the viewfinder, you are straight looking via the picture-taking lens. Canon SLR Digital Camera supplies this superb function for you to also extra take pleasure in digital photography.

A digital camera, or also known as digital, is a camera that captures still photos or videos or both digitally. Digital electronic cameras, on the other hand, can store thousands of images in a memory tool, and it moreover gives you the option to remove images and lets you choose whether or not to print a specific image.

All the great functions you see from various SLR cameras are wholly integrated into Canon SLR Digital Camera with its sophisticated shade handling innovation and imaging. It is a suitable tool to enhance your pictures as it offers high-quality pictures for transmission, recreation or archiving, electronic image editing and enhancing and also much more.

Canon SLR Digital Camera likewise comes with unique attributes like dust control, picture stabilizing, live sight, and added vibrant array.

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canon eos 80d price

You still get the overall fulfilment from a Canon SLR Digital Camera since it caters to every degree and also photography experience. With all these within your reach, digital photography will never coincide once again. Taking your digital photography abilities to one more level is not as difficult as in the past.

There are different sorts of cameras. Canon company provide a lot of electronic cameras such as Canon Power Shot SD600 digital camera which has 6.0 MP, 2816X2112, 3X Opt, SD/MMC Slot, Canon EOS Rebel XTi Black SLR digital electronic camera set which supplies 10.1 MP, 3888X2592, Compact Flash Slot, Canon Power Shot SD 800 IS electronic camera that provides 7.1 MP,3072 X2304, 3.8 x Opt, 16MB Removable Flash Memory, SD/SDHC/MMC Slot.

The Positive/The Negative

The Positive

  • Fast and perfect autofocus.
  • Wi-Fi Technology.
  • Enhanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF.
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF; Expanded ISO 25600.

The Negative

  • Very few reviews say This camera is not “new,” as claimed on the website.



4.7 out of 5 { May Change Based on Reviews }


This product has got an excellent customer review, regarding canon we need not want to say anything. Because canon serving globally since 1937.

Price is affordable with excellent features so it is up to you to take the decision.

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